Tuesday, 1 May 2007


As each individual tends to stick to the religion they were brought up on, most people probably don't know how the Bible and Quran contradict each other on a massive level. When I was first attacked I went to the Bible to seek the answers. I was not satisfied and decided to broaden my scope by reading the Quran. This is what I discovered :-

The Bible - Jesus is the son of God

The Quran - It is a major insult to God, to say that Jesus is his son

At first I thought itwas a major conspiracy to urge one side of the world (Islam) to be against the other side of the world (Christianity), but if you look deeper into things i.e the old testament. That says the Messiah is the 'Holy One of Israel' meaning the holy seed of Abraham, as Abraham was named ISRAEL when God took him as his friend.

Well If Jesus IS the Messiah, then it's true. He's not the son of God, but a son of Abraham. This brings both the Jesus and Mohammed stories together as one, but shows the bible to be inaccurate.

Personally though, I am not a fan of the Quran. It is a book narrated by beings that consider themselves equal to God (The Compassionate and Kind One). They frequently boast about tormenting people and promise an even greater Torment to come. I myself am more Godly than the narrators of that book and I'm not Godly :). At least I try to reach people though with Truth and I try to help those in need.

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